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Bielefeld, Germany


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Who am I?

I`m a wife!

I`m married to the greatest guy ever. He loves and supports me in everything I do and is always there for me.

Well he`s just incredible.

I`m a mother!

No I don`t have any children, but I´m a mother to the cutest chocolate lab you have ever seen. He`s eight and still looks like a pup.

I´m a photographic artist!

I first picked up a camera at age 7 and was hooked. Through the years I have learnt how to use a film camera and later a digital SLR.

When women think they aren`t photogenic they come to me and I show them how beautiful they really are.

I`m a Photography Teacher!

Do you want to know how to improve your camera skills, the secrets of beautiful imagery and how to create stunning photographs? Then I´m your girl!

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