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7 Tips to create your dream wedding

  1. Make sure everything is ready and fits.

    I have been to a wedding where the groom hadn´t tried on his shoes and only realized they didn´t fit on the day of his wedding.

    Try the dress and your shoes a few days before and make sure everything is in its place so you don´t have to look for it on the day.

  1. Have breakfast.

    Your day will be long and take it out of you, make sure you eat enough so you won´t faint.

  1. Get a great photographer.

             Get a photographer, whose style you like and who you connect with.

             I have heard an endless array of stories of bad photographers. A friend of

             mine got married and chose a wedding photographer, who ended up

             insulting her guests and only took pictures he wanted to take.

  1. Make the time for your photographer.


On your wedding day preparations (hair, makeup, getting dressed, etc.) will take longer than you think.


Make sure you give your photographer lots of time, so even if you are late you still have enough time for your photos. The more time the photographer has the better.


Remember,  the photographs and the wedding video are all you`ll have left when the day is over.

        Price isn`t everything, in the end you get what you pay for.

  1. Only invite the people YOU want to have at your wedding.

    We know that everyone in our family has something to say about who we schould invite, but keep in mind that this is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. So only invite those people, you want to spend this special day with.


  1. Don`t do everything yourself.

    Doing things yourself means stress for you. Planning and execution will take you a lot of time you probably dont have. So deligate if you can and enjoy the day.

  1. Remember your wedding should be about you.

    Think about what you really want and don´t do things to please others. This is your day. Make it special.

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