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Do you need a Wedding Photographer?


Weddings are expensive, right?



Do you really need a Wedding Photographer or could you save money there? 

Think about it this way:

£2000 for the wedding dress and shoes:

Last one day before they disappear in your closet and won`t be worn again!

£500 for the wedding cake:

Probably won`t last longer than 2 hours!

£3000 for the venue and the food:

This is just so the guests feel comfortable. You probably won`t remember what food was served.

£1500 for your wedding photographer TOO EXPENSIVE

Time for post processing and other work load after the wedding: approx. 60 hours.

The photos are the only thing the married couple has, to remember their special day by!

So what do you think?

Do you need a great Wedding Photographer?

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