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Cenia's Beauty/Fashion Photo Session

I really enjoy getting to know people better. So here is my first little story about Cenia's photo session. 


What do you struggle with right now?

Being away from family.

I miss their support, company and having someone to talk to.

On Sunday my uncle would always cook for us and after dinner we would walk up the Ohrberg Park with Leica and Charlie (our dogs).

What are you proud of?

I`m proud of my son because he`s been through so much and he`s still happy and sees the good in every person.

What was your favourite Christmas?

On Christmas Eve, when I was 6, I was waiting outside the living room door and I saw the Christkind delivering my presents through the stained glass windows.

It was the best Christmas ever.


A little side note for all of you who don't know who the Christkind is:


The Christkind tradiotionally delivers the presents on christmas eve in some parts of Germany. The Christkind is portrayed as an angel looking like a child with blonde hair.

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