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Water Splash Photography Tutorial

Today I tested the setup for photo club (Tuesdays in Kinloss Church Annex, 7 - 9pm).


We will be playing with water this time. Jimmy and me put our heads together and came up with this setup.


First I filled the blue box with water. Then we used a tripod  to hold the water bag. I got the tripod from a car boot sale fo£2, so nothing fancy. At the back of the tripod I rested a piece of styrofoam as a reflector for my flash.


Next you setup the tripod and your camera.


I used the Canon 7d with an 18 - 200mm lens zoomed in all the way.

Camera settings: Manual, shutter speed: 1/100, aperture: f8 - f11, ISO: 100. Remember camera settings can be different depending on your camera so try different settings.


I used an off camera flash pointed at the styrofoam board. If you don't have off camera flash you can also use your cameras flash. The result is slightly different but they're both great photos.


Now I pierced the plastic bag so the water starts dripping out slowly. I focused on where the drops fall into the water and then turned the focus to manual.


So now it's your turn. Give it a go, play with the settings and if you like, post your results in the comment section. Also if you have questions please comment below.




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