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3 Strategies for positivity and happiness

In times like these it's easy to focus on the negatives. The world seems to be a dangerous place and people concentrate on listening to scary news. I have decided to turn off the news and concentrate on the positive in my life.


So in this blog post I want to focus on the positives and share some strategies for positivity and happiness.


I watch a lot of motivational videos, listen to positive podcasts and read inspiring articles to constantly keep myself in a positive state.


What I have learned is this:

You are in total control of your feelings. If you want to be happy there are certain things you can do to feel happy.


Did you know that what you say and think is who you are? If you keep concentrating on happiness, gratefulness and positivity than that is who you are.

The problem is that most of us haven't learned how to do this. This is why we have to consciously change our mind.



Here are a few simple tips:


1. Be grateful – practice gratefulness every day:

I say practice gratefulness because it is important how you do this as well as that you do it every day.


  1. write down 3 things that you are grateful for

  2. write down why you are grateful for them

  3. read them out loud and create a feeling of gratefulness inside you


When I first starting doing this I didn't believe it would change anything but I was soon amazed at how much my life started to improve and great things started coming my way.

It is important however to stick with this for a minimum of 28 days so you can see how your life changes.


2. Exercise

You might already be rolling your eyes and thinking “Yes, I know, I should go to the gym”. That's not what I mean. I was very inactive over the winter months and chose to cuddle up on the comfortable couch way too often and became very unfit.

When spring arrived a friend of mine offered for me to join her on her daily walks. At first it was hard to get up and go, but after a week or two I hardly go a day without a minimum of a half an hours walk.

Now is the time to get up and go, the weather is great and the whole world is green and blooming. Don't aim for going to the gym every day and delay it till tomorrow. In fact get up right now, take your dog and/or your kids and go for a walk in your neighbourhood and explore new routes.

When you come home call or text a friend and meet every day to go together or even find someone on facebook.


3. When something upsets you write it down, then let it go

When something bad happens to us we keep thinking it through what we said what the other person said what they meant and so on. This raises bad feelings in us and makes us unhappy.

Usually letting it go is your only option and makes you feel so much better for it. I write everything that upsets me down and even go back once or twice to add something, but once I finished I don't read it again. Now go and do something you enjoy to take your mind off it.


I hope this will help you be more positive in your life. I”d be very grateful if you leave comments and questions below.

Thanks for reading

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