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Project Military Life: The Why

When I married my soldier many years ago I had no idea of life in the army and the countless challenges in front of me. 

Often when I talk to people about the life they say I knew what i was in for. Well, I really didn't. So I have decided I would like to start a project. I'm a photographer and I would like to raise awareness about life In the military.


Therefore I want to photograph military wives. I also would like to accompany my photos with a story (the good and the bad). Therefore I have asked all of them 7 questions and publish their honest and unedited answers here on my blog.


I hope this will help army wives feel less lonely by seeing that we all struggle with similar things and ideally help others understand what our lives can be like.


If you would like to be photographed by me and answer the questions for the project please send me an email or even a message on my Facebook page Corinna Mann Photography. I will send you all the details and you can decide if you're up for it.


Thanks Corinna

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